A Tired Older Woman

A Tired Older Woman: Loses Weight and Keeps It Off!

Also available in print and for Nook.

You know you’re old when Google shows reruns of I Love Lucy as a birthday tribute to Lucille Ball, and you saw the show live when it first aired.


You know you’re old when you remember the McDonald’s sign showing 100 hamburgers sold.


You know you’re old when you learned to drive in a 1957 Mercury that had a push button transmission.


You know you’re old when the wrinkles on the face of the gray-haired woman looking back from the mirror scare even you.


You know that you’re old when your firstborn turns 40.


You know that you’re old when you can remember your kindergarten teacher was named Mrs. Flower, but you can’t remember the day of the week.



3 Responses to A Tired Older Woman

  1. EP Vaughn says:

    We got our 1st TV in the mid 50s and all the neighbors would come over on Monday nights to watch I Love Lucy.

    When I was in college, McDonalds put up a sign saying they had sold over a million hamburgers.

    I learned to drive in a 53 Chevy pickup truck.

    I’ve learned to shave without actually looking at my face in the mirror.

    I can remember my 1st Grade teacher spanking me for hitting a girl, but I can never remember where I put my glasses.

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