A Twig Upon The Water

As a writer, I tend to think of my life as a series of chapters, unveiling themselves in a steady progression from my birth to death.

Different people loom large here and there upon the page.

Some, like my parents, predominate for a while, then shift into lesser limelight only to reassert themselves in old age, when I move in with them.

At different times, I see myself more as a twig upon the water, floating down a pleasant stream as I fulfill God’s purpose that dwells within me.

Sometimes, the water picks up speed, and I am tossed and turned against the rocks, my progress rough and tumble.

Or I’ll find myself floating in a gentle eddy, while I relax and enjoy Life as it flows around me.

Occasionally, forces converge to make my passage difficult as the stream rolls back upon itself, trying vainly to round a curve.

Recently, the news has been full of the plight of those along the Mississippi, as it strives to flood so many acres along its sides.

I’ve seen the levies built for miles along its mighty flow, and believe me, they are HIGH – so high that I find it difficult to imagine the river rising sufficiently to flow over them.

And yet, the pictures show it.

How my heart goes out to those affected!

Are they young, these people whose homes are lost – able to move on and start anew?

Or have they lived along these waters for a lifetime – all they’ve worked for gone in but a moment with no time left in which they may recoup?

And what about those who once were safe, but whose homes and farms now lie beneath the water, so that others downstream, whom they never even knew, may in the end be spared?

What must they feel?

I write a check to the Salvation Army – an organization that I know from personal experience will be with them in the midst of trouble.

Next week, I will buy an extra box of Tide, believing the ads that show people affected by a disaster who no longer own a washing machine, but can still access clean clothes.

Will you do the same, dear reader?  Will you lend a helping hand?

There’s no room for all of us to help down there.  In fact I, for one, would be in the way, but let’s open up our hearts and assist those more organized who can.

Together, we can make a difference!

Annie Acorn

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4 Responses to A Twig Upon The Water

  1. cecelia says:

    Hi Annie, I enjoyed reading all your pieces. Yes, Tide corporation does have mobile laundry units that go to areas of disaster and enable those affected to be able to do their wash. I think you can make a donation at their website. I haven’t checked that one out yet, so not sure how it works. There’s news this evening of devastating tornado(es) in MO today. Looks as bad as recent tornadic activity in AL, etc. Love your site picture!

  2. julia says:

    I really enjoyed looking at your entire website! It really is hard to imagine what those who live along the Mississippi river are experiencing.

    • Annie says:

      Yes, Julia, and now we have all those people out in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Illinois, who have been hit so hard by the tornadoes.

  3. bkogok says:

    And in Arkansas. Prayers for all.

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