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A Tired Older Woman: Loses Weight and Keeps It Off!

When to Remain Silent

On the Road

The Magic Sand Dollar

One More Christmas Past (Annie Acorn’s Christmas)

One Last Gift To Go (Annie Acorn’s Christmas)

One Last Gift (Annie Acorn Christmas Anthologies) From Women’s Pens, Edited by Annie Acorn, includes One More Christmas Past and One More Gift To Go

How to Survive a 203K Mortgage

How To Survive Your New Home Purchase

All above titles are also available for Nook!

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Murder with My Darling

A Tired Older Woman: Breaks Through Her Weight Loss Plateau!

Road Trip…

2 Responses to Publications

  1. Annie!

    I got lost on your site — in a good way — and must leave on an errand. But I’ll come back soon. You’ve been very busy, I must say. I want to read the books you recommend and hang out and laugh with someone who “knows” all those past moments. I’m 66 and not so tired, actually, since learning I need(ed) to take thyroid pills!!! Thanks, too, for the follow on Twitter, where I’m also often lost and confused. But I’m learning the way. Thanks again.

    • Annie says:

      Rae Ellen – I will try to figure out some directional signing for the website, but you must understand that I am completely verbal. Perhaps, a 12 year old could be of service. Keep in touch! Annie

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