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A Clue for Adrianna (Captain’s Point Stories) – The first novel in the Captain’s Point series.  A romantic women’s fiction/family saga/chicklit novel written by Annie Acorn & Juliette Hill writing as Charlotte Kent.

Also available in print on iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Chocolate Can Kill (Emily Harris Mysteries) – a full-length, cozy mystery by Annie Acorn.

Also available in print on iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Okay, I admit it. I’m addicted to three things:  books, chocolate and gadgets.

Books have been an integral part of my life ever since I played with a cloth volume that sported pinking-sheared edges while still in my cradle.  To this day, I cast my eye around for colorful spines, whenever I enter a room, and believe me, my home is full of them.

Chocolate, too, has been a constant companion from the homemade chocolate syrup made by my maternal grandmother to the fudge Mom whipped up Sunday evenings to go with my father’s popcorn.  Now, of course, my tastes have expanded to encompass such favorites as Lindts and Tobler and Godiva.

A book, though, will only be read so many times in a lifetime, and once eaten, a piece of chocolate connects itself to one’s hip, perhaps permanently, in a very obnoxious way.

On the other hand, gadgets are special friends, providing service as they ease burdens and give pleasure.  The three I remember most fondly resided in kitchens.

True, my definition of a gadget may be a bit broader than that used by most folks.  To me, a gadget is anything used to make my life easier.

Most dictionaries confine their definitions to a mechanical contrivance.  I counter that one should be generous and include a few special memories of items still associated with those held dear.

For instance, both of my grandmothers cooked meat in what I view as oversized gadgets.

My paternal grandmother baked her Sunday beef in an early version of what resembled a crock pot on steroids.  Four times the size of its modern cousins, its outside wall was comprised of a creamy yellow oval with a shiny black top.

Plugged into the wall and sitting on a small table, it held pride of place in her kitchen and kept her oven clear for golden Yorkshire puddings.  When Grandma’s table oven, as she called it, was turned on, you were in for a treat.

When my maternal grandmother cooked a roast, we all ran and took cover, primarily because our mother was scared, but whether she was more concerned for herself or her children, I still couldn’t tell you.

Whichever it was, it really didn’t matter.  The call still went out to seek a safe haven the moment Grandma’s pressure cooker was removed from its cabinet.

From afar, we breathed in rich aromas that wafted forth as my grandmother wrestled the beast into submission in much the same way as an experienced trainer controls a terrifying tiger.  In the end, the meat was delicious.

Not to be outdone, my mother had her own kitchen gadget that was used to prepare meat, although hers was rarely used except for one of our birthdays.

A heavy metal meat grinder that clamped onto the edge of a table top or a kitchen counter, this weighty monster was critical to the preparation of Spam salad, but watch out!  Drop even one little part of it on your toe, and you would hobble around for a month or four.

“But wait!”  You hold up your hand, aghast.  “Did you say Spam salad sandwiches for your birthdays?”

“Yes,” I reply with a sigh of longing.  “Don’t knock it, if you’ve never tried it.”

The recipe is quite simple, and in this day and age, you can dispense with the meat grinder and use a much tamer food processor.

The following directions are for a single batch.  I would suggest you make two.  Women in my family usually process each ingredient separately and then mix them together in a large bowl.


Birthday Spam Salad

Grind/process and mix together:

1 can of original Spam

4 boiled eggs

1 small, preferably Vidalia onion

Add to this:

3-4 Tables. sweet pickle relish

Enough mayonnaise to hold it all together.

Chill through and serve on hamburger buns.

Yes, that’s right.  I said hamburger buns.  You’ll get used to it, and since a food processor is so convenient, you won’t even have to wait for your birthday.

Just watch out for your fingers!


Annie Acorn

A Tired Older Woman: Loses Weight and Keeps It Off! – by Annie Acorn

Also available in print on iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Murder With My Darling (Bonnie Lou Mysteries) – by Annie Acorn

NOTE: Author is NOT responsible for anything the main character says!

Also available in print on iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Captain’s Point Stories Box Set – The first box set in the Captain’s Point series.  A romantic women’s fiction/family saga/chicklit series written by Annie Acorn & Juliette Hill writing as Charlotte Kent.

This set contains the first three novels of the Captain’s Point series – A Clue for Adrianna, A Man for Susan and Love’s Journey as well as the Christmas short story A Christmas Kiss.

The set is available on iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

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