A Mothers Perspective

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Once upon a time, I had planned to say that it’s spring and Mother’s Day is here.  The truth is, though, that we barely had winter, and spring seems to have already moved on here in the D.C. area.  The moon has been HUGE as it has hung low in the sky, and there are more sun spots this year than usual.  There are even those who claim that we are well on our way to a cosmic convergence.

Perhaps these extreme environmental conditions explain why I suddenly seem to be surrounded by a plethora of babies.  From the birds, who are nesting, to all the young women where I do technical contract writing, who claim they caught a virus from the water cooler as they prepare for their pregnancy leaves, impending births appear to abound.

One of my nieces is expecting, and another niece and a friend have both just given birth [ATOW: Talks Stuff and Nonsense].  Cute little goslings are daily following their parents from one pond to another across a nearby 5-lane highly, blissfully unaware that they are stopping traffic going both ways.

As each of these new mothers has prepared for and/or given birth, she has wanted the same thing – for her newborn to be strong, whole and healthy, so they can live a long, fruitful life and fulfill their birth promise.  Despite the risks, each young mother persists, living this hope for her offspring, and with my first son my dreams were immediately fulfilled.

Within minutes after my second son’s early birth, though, I knew something was horribly wrong.  After his initial cry of arrival, he appeared to be soundlessly gasping for air.  Instead of handing him to me, the nurse rushed him to the hospital’s neonatal nursery, where his lungs quickly collapsed and tiny tubes were inserted through both sides of his chest wall to keep him breathing.

For four days, he lived in an oxygen-controlled incubator, where he passed most of his time thrashing against the gauze bandages that kept him from accidentally removing his IV lines and tubes.  The doctor told my husband that this was a good sign.  Son #2 was a fighter.  He would probably survive.

Each day, my husband and I processed ourselves through a scrub room, so that we could hold him for the few special moments during which he was allowed out of his incubator.  I expressed milk, and my husband paced the floors.  Both of us prayed.  Finally, the fluid that had been missing from the lining of his unfinished lungs broke through, the tubes were removed, and he was able to breathe effectively on his own.

We were the lucky ones.  There was no brain damage and no blindness, both things we had been told might be aftereffects.  We had been given a second miracle beyond the miracle of his birth.  We had been given the miracle of his life.

Today mothers who go into premature labor later in their pregnancy like I did are given a shot that starts this precious fluid flowing into their baby’s tiny lungs pre-birth, thus saving them from the tension and worry-filled days that my husband and I endured.

I have two sons – both over six feet tall, strong and healthy.  I love them both, each in their own special way.  One is my first born, never to be replaced by another.  One is my special miracle, who has provided me in his adult years with the best daughter-in-law in the world.

I have been blessed, and even though we are separated by hundreds of miles, several time zones and, as in all families, occasional disagreements, there is one thing that will never change.

Stretching unseen through the air, there is a tiny cord that connects me to all three of them through which my love always flows.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you other mothers out there!

Annie Acorn

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2 Responses to A Mothers Perspective

  1. Annie, thank you for sharing your story. You truly have been blessed. I have a young daughter and can’t image how I would have felt to experience what you have been through had she not been healthy at birth. Every day, I consider myself most fortunate to have my daughter, much like my mother felt about me. http://wp.me/p2mcLh-2p.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Elaine D Walsh, Women’s Fiction Writer

    • Annie says:

      Elaine – I’m so glad that my post spoke to you. Your daughter is blessed to have you as her mother. Annie

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