In The Works

I don’t know about most authors, but I usually have several projects cooking on the stove at the same time.

Some require only a quick browning on both sides.  Others need a slow simmer on a back burner, so that all the flavors can blend together.

Right now, the manuscript that I find myself stirring most often details a very personal journey that I intend to share in the near future with you, my readers.

Annie Acorn

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3 Responses to In The Works

  1. Andre Arnett says:

    Great article and very thought provoking. I will be paying attention to see what other things you have to say. Give me more!

  2. Elizabeth Kline says:

    Annie, you have a way with words! I love your posts and the cozy feel of your website. I look forward to reading your next offering, and I’m really looking forward to downloading your first e-publication.

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