Oddest Dental Visit EVER

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The bad news not too many days ago was that I had to go to the dentist.  [A Tired Older Woman Goes to the Dentist]  The good news is that I survived and did not have to drive through snow, sleet and/or freezing rain to get there as originally had been predicted.

Barely had I been taken back and seated in the chair for my cleaning, when my dentist, Dr. Floss, who I LOVE, popped in to do the exam part that’s usually reserved for after the cleaning.  Having delivered a brief preamble, he popped his gloved fingers into my mouth and began rummaging around as he talked.

“Had he ever mentioned to me the poem that his college-aged son had written?” he asked.

“Uh-uh.”  I moved my head cautiously side to side to indicate a negative.

“Well, coincidentally, just the evening before he had reread his son’s wonderful poem and had once again found it to be way beyond good.”  Dr. Floss moved my tongue this way and that, checking for lost objects, I presumed, hoping against hope that he might find the Holy Grail, which everyone knows has completely disappeared.  “Would I be interested in reading said poem?”  He peered down at me.

Once again, I produced a series of guttural noises, somehow managing to indicate an answer in the affirmative.

“And are you still writing?”  Dr. Floss, who had been examining each tooth in my head with great care, now gave me a brief respite.

“Yes,” I uttered, my mouth now being cleared of extraneous debris.  “I’m launching a romantic women’s fiction novel titled A Clue for Adrianna on April 15th that will be followed by a second novel titled A Man for Susan on August 1st.”

Having chosen a particularly sharp looking tool, Dr. Floss once again bent to his work.  “A Man for Susan,” he repeated.  “Don’t you think someone like our Susan would be interested in a young, dashing dentist – dark haired with dark eyes?”

When, I wondered, had the main character in my WIP become ‘ours’?

Since the only two things I could see from my reclined position were Dr. Floss’s dark hair and eyes, set beside the horrified face of my dental hygienist, Ms. Brush, I didn’t have to use my degree in brain surgery to determine who he intended to be the role model for my next alpha male character.

“What a wonderful idea!” I exclaimed as soon as my mouth was free.  “Why hadn’t I thought of that?”

At which, Dr. Floss gave a small, deprecating shrug, his face taking on a look of total humility before he left Ms. Brush alone with me to do her duty.

A short while later, my now being all cleaned, polished and sparkling white, imagine my surprise when Dr. Floss once again popped into the small procedure room – a second meeting never previously having been on our agenda.  With amazing sleight of hand, he now grabbed my purse and headed with me in tow to the checkout counter.

Having placed my belongings on the high countertop, he proceeded to stage whisper into his surprised receptionist’s ear, “Keep her here.  She’s a writer!”

Then he disappeared into another small room from which soon emanated the sounds of a printer, emerging a minute later with his son’s poem in hand.  This, liking poetry, I gladly read and found to be quite beautiful – well constructed, stark and evocative.

“Has your son ever considered publishing his work?” I asked, at which Dr. Floss glowed.

My insurance having been filed and my next appointment having been made, Dr. Floss started to open the door to the waiting room for me, but then halted my progress as he leaned in my direction.

“Let’s not mention Susan to my wife,” he suggested in a real whisper.  “We’ll keep it between the two of us going forward – just our little secret.”

Pleased to have finally made my escape, I sat quietly in my car for a few minutes, reviewing this particular trip to the dentist.

On the plus side, Dr. Floss had been too absorbed in our conversation to notice the somewhat sensitive spot on tooth #14.  On the negative side, A Man for Susan would now require a complete rewrite, if it were to accommodate successfully a normally shy, dark-haired, dark-eyed, forty-something, dentally-inclined alpha male.  On balance, I had to admit, rewriting an entire full-length novel seemed a small price to pay for having saved tooth #14 from the drill.

As Ms. Brush would certainly say, don’t forget to brush and floss several times each day!  It really does keep the dentist away!

Annie Acorn

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