Have One Anyway

Did you know that the first Friday in June has been designated as National Donut Day?

Well, I did.

Now, I realize that at first glance this may strike you as a deviation from my normal blog content, but you see, I have a real addiction to donuts.  What is my blog, after all, if it isn’t about me?

Ask me what type of donut is my favorite, and I would be hard pressed to answer.

As a self-proclaimed chocoholic, I would first lean in that direction, but there I would stall all too quickly.

There are chocolate iced, chocolate glazed, chocolate cake, and those that are decorated all over with chocolate sprinkles.  I even once had a chocolate chip donut that was unforgettable.

A case could be made for one of each kind, but then even I realize that borders on gluttony.

My sons used to fight over plates of canned biscuits (not the buttermilk kind) that had been divided into two, fried until they puffed into little balls and browned, and then rolled in cinnamon sugar while they were still quite warm.

Simple and easy, these were delicious served alongside scrambled eggs with a big glass of orange juice.

Of course, one could do a black and white combo, pairing a large powdered sugar donut with one of the chocolate varieties.  This might draw in some of our black and white cookie lovers from New York, especially if they mistook the shape for a bagel.

“But then,” one might well ask, “what about the jelly filled ones?”

Personally, I can never decide between a lemon-filled or one oozing cherry jelly.

Purists would probably demand that we include at least one glazed, homemade cruller in any offering.

Children always seem drawn to a pile of holes, and who can blame them?  Here you really can take advantage of a full range of choices.

There are those who will only partake of a donut that’s fresh, but I’m here to tell you that they don’t know what they’re missing.

Spread a stale glazed with some butter, microwave it 15 seconds until warmed through, and you have a real treat in store for you.

In fact, I have occasionally considered adding stale glazed donuts to Annie Acorn’s list of the World’s Ten Best Butter Conductors, but up until now, they have failed the cut.

Are you beginning to understand why National Donut Day is such a big deal to me?

Did you know that on a food’s national day all of the calories are missing from it?

Well, it’s true.  Honest.  I swear it.  You can trust me.

Even so, not wanting to develop a bad habit, I only had one.

So which donut is my absolute favorite?

As you’ve probably realized by now, my tastes run to the old-fashioned offerings of my childhood – the tried and true, the good and drool.

I usually avoid sprinkles, anything that’s bright pink, and those that go by the moniker of designer.

Having spent so much time in the South, I admit to a partiality for Krispy Kremes that were born there.

Did you know that after the company went public, they made it onto Harrods’ shelves in London?

Yes, I mean London, England, although I imagine you could find a Krispy Kreme distributor somewhere in the London, Kentucky area as well.


Only allowing myself one, which one did I choose?

I opted for a chocolate iced, Krispy Kreme glazed.  It was to die for!

Obviously, I didn’t since I’m writing to you.

By the time you read this, the calorie-free national day may be over, so what can you do?

I have a friend – a very GOOD friend, who claims that the day after a national day there’s a slight holdover, and foods so honored only contain half of their normal calorie content.

Unfortunately, I have no personal knowledge of this.  I offer no guarantee.

Still, we’re talking about donuts here, and what could be better?

If you were me, I would risk it.

Go ahead.

No calorie, half calorie, full calorie – have one anyway!

Just let me know, which one is your favorite.

Annie Acorn

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3 Responses to Have One Anyway

  1. Elizabeth Kline says:

    Hi, Annie! I really enjoyed your blog about National Donut Day, especially since I treated myself to a chocolate glazed donut from Dunkin Donuts this morning. Since I was one day late in indulging in my calorie-laden treat, I was relieved to learn that only half the calories were present due to the magic powers of the holiday!

  2. cecelia doane says:

    Ok, Annie….I’m loving this blog also! Hilarious! And all of it positively true (the calorie content stuff and all). I am here also to tell you that you are not alone (not that you thought you were re this topic). Donuts, hands down, one of the joys of life. I laughed all the way thru this piece. Thanks so much, not only did I have a few moments of healthful activity (laughing) but now I’ve got donuts on the brain. Well, guess I’ll be adding one more item to the grocery list for tomorrow! Also, thanks for the recipe for the cinnamon-rolled fried biscuit thingys…I know they will be a welcome treat when the San Diego gang arrive next week. Yes, I will be the favorite grand…it’s a slam-dunk!

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