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Taking The Scary Out Of Real Estate8/4/1

“When did real estate become so scary?”

The fear on the face of the young woman across the table from me was unmistakable, but her concern wasn’t unique. In a world of upside down property values, short sales, and foreclosures, even seasoned real estate investors can find themselves somewhat bewildered.

Times are tough, and many foreclosure properties have been stripped by their owners before being abandoned. Appliances, lighting fixtures, window coverings, countertops, and even flooring have often been removed and sold in an attempt to hang onto the structure. Graffiti born of frustration sometimes covers the walls.

Short sales can take many months to close, during which the house remains empty and vulnerable.
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A Tired Older Woman: Loses Weight and Keeps It Off – 7/28/11

Like many Americans, I have been overweight most of my life. I tried all kinds of diets, bought every type of exercise equipment imaginable, and still watched as the numbers on my digital scale climbed higher. Then, at the age of 34, it became necessary for me to undergo a complete hysterectomy.

“No,” my male ob/gyn assured me. “A hysterectomy won’t make you gain weight.”

Obviously, the man had never seen a spayed cat. They are HUGE, and over the next several years my already oversized body became huge, too.

Frustration, disappointment, depression – mornings for me ran the gamut, until one morning I woke up and decided to switch gears. I stopped dieting altogether.

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A Tired Older Woman: Tries Twitter – 7/28/11

I was born in a post World War II world, in which mothers stayed home and wore aprons. Fathers left every morning and drove cars to work.

Fans, not air conditioners, made summer’s warmth bearable, owning a phone meant being on on a party line, and credit was the local grocery store owner allowing you to run an account.

Meat was cut by a butcher you greeted by name before he handed you your order carefully wrapped in crisp paper. Bananas were yellow, tomatoes had flavor, and cilantro was unknown throughout most of the U. S.

I remember when our phone number stretched from five digits to ten, and the day we were all herded into the school auditorium to learn about the new kid on the block – the zip code.

During the summer, we stayed up late into the night and watched Sputnik as it passed by overhead.

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