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  1. Peggy teel says:

    You make me miss my own sweet grandma, and her cooking. I can’t wait to read On the Road.

  2. peggy teel says:

    I just got through reading “When to Remain Silent” – spooky! and “On the Road” – sweet! What great reads. Please keep them coming, Annie!

  3. D.PaulFelix says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed ‘When to remain silent’. I felt like I was that little adventuress since I also was always viewed as an ‘old soul’. However I LOVED your mother since she captured all the feelings of a proper young woman who was obligated to move to a place that is both new and beneath what she envisioned for herself and her family. Beautiful! I think Mom would be a good subject for a story or two.

  4. D. Paul-Felix says:

    ‘My Father Was A Penny Pincher’ is destined to be another classic right alongside ‘When to remain silent’. Your parents were very interesting individuals and deserve to be memorialized in print every opportunity you get. And there was Mom again stealing the show with her minor role. Well written , enjoyable and entertaining.

  5. J. P. says:

    What a lovely story about your penny pinching dad. I was very pleased that your dad showed no anger with your mom about parting with her (probably only) dollar bill. Sounds like you and your sisters knew when to keep quiet. I can remember a few car trips like that when I was a child. Great story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. D.Paul-Felix says:

    Once again, the feelings and joys of childhood have been beautifully captured in ‘Father Learns To Swim’. I love the balance of the memories as seen through the eyes of a child versus the story-telling of the grown-up child. Brought back feelings of my special childhood events. And as before, my favorite people, Mom and Dad did not disappoint. Great retelling of a memory. Great writing!

  7. D. Paul-Felix says:

    Okay Annie, you are on a roll here! “Summertime In DC” was sooo hilarious. I found myself laughing so hard I almost fell out of my seat. It had the two H’s well covered- humor and hyperbole, but I will say I can vouch for you about the existence of Harold since we have recently been visited by his first cousins.
    Loved it from the first word to the last. Keep entertaining me with your memorable anecdotes.

  8. D. Paul-Felix says:

    I was catching up on the Tales of Annie and I am very intrigued by the Road Trip series. Being an immigrant, your descriptions of the family trips make me feel that my husband, daughter and I should pack up our minivan, grab a map and hit the road. The nostalgia of your anecdotes make me want to create my own family memories. Keep them coming and then make them into a book so I can re-read them all again. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your happy, adventurous childhood.

    • Annie says:

      If you really want to pack up and see America, then stick to the smaller highways. The interstates all seem the same. After your trip you can fill us all in on what it’s like out there from an immigrant’s perspective. I’ll be looking forward to it!

  9. D. Paul-Felix says:

    Thank you Denise for an interview that was both interesting and informative, and thank you Annie for making it possible to hear the voice of an experienced and knowledgeable “Sister of the Pen”. As one who only very recently started doing any serious writing, I appreciated every word of the interview and even learnt from the way the answers were presented. I look forward to seeing more interviews in the future.

    • Annie says:

      Thank you, D., for your supportive comment. I’m glad to hear that you found the interview with denise hays to be informative. She is both a talented author and a wonderful person, and I will certainly pass your comment on to her. Annie

  10. Hi Annie,
    I just finished Chocolate Can Kill. I love the way you build your characters making them real for the reader. I never did put together how the two bodies under the tracks fit with the rest of the story. I’m used to reading fast-paced crime stories, so I might be guilty of nodding off at times. However, I do appreciate your character development and will try another of your stories. I think I could develop an interest for the cozy mysteries.

    • Annie says:

      Judy – I’m glad you enjoyed Chocolate Can Kill. I’m afraid I’m addicted to cozies. The two young men were only connected in Emily’s mind and by the fact that they were used as camouflage by the copycat killer. Annie

  11. Java Davis says:

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