A 2014 Christmas Gift to YOU!


A Clue for Adrianna (Captain’s Point Stories Book 1) – The first novel in the Captain’s Point series.  A romantic women’s fiction/family saga/chicklit novel written by Annie Acorn & Juliette Hill writing as Charlotte Kent.

Also available in print on iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Chocolate Can Kill (Emily Harris Mysteries Book 1) – a full-length, cozy mystery by Annie Acorn.

Also available in print on iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Once again, my friends, we have reached that part of the year, during which family and traditions rule supreme!

Back before time, when I was a child, Christmas was celebrated much differently than it is today.  The season was shorter, decorations were simpler, and small things meant more than bigger ones.

Even so, the Christmases I remember from my childhood were a step beyond those celebrated by the generation before mine.  As a treat for those of you who enjoy stories of the ‘old days,’ we at Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC, have published on our website the Christmas memoirs of two such individuals, who were both born and raised in Indiana many years ago.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to them on my own website as well.

So, prepare a warm drink, put together a small plate of Christmas goodies, settle into a comfy chair by the fire, and prepare to enjoy a good read as you enjoy:

Patrick Family Christmas Memories and The Lancaster Christmas Celebration

In addition, my friend and fellow AAPub author Ron Shaw and I have shared memories of special Georgia Christmases that we each experienced – our/my gifts to YOU!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Annie Acorn

A Tired Older Woman: Loses Weight and Keeps It Off! – by Annie Acorn

Also available in print on iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Murder With My Darling (Bonnie Lou Mysteries Book 1) – by Annie Acorn

NOTE: Author is NOT responsible for anything the main character says!

Also available in print on iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Love’s Third Chance (Luna Lake Cabins Stories Book 1) – A romantic novelette by Annie Acorn.

Also available on Amazon UK and iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.



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