An Interview With Denise Hays

Bloodhound (Niki Edgar Mysteries) by denise hays

Bloodhound by Alabama author denise hays hit the ground running in July of this year and hasn’t stopped yet.  Now its author has agreed to take time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of my questions.  This gal is a pro, so listen and learn!

A:  When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

D:  I never knew I wanted to be a writer. I just knew I wanted to write. It’s still pretty much that way.

A:  You are the successful author of several books and an award winning poet under your own name. What made you decide to adopt the denise hays pseudonym for the Niki Edgar series?

D.  Denise is my middle name, and Hays is my maiden name. “Denise Hays!” is what my mom used to say when I was naughty. While the Niki Edgar series isn’t exactly what you’d call “naughty,” it’s edgier than anything I’ve written before. Mainly, I didn’t want to shock my mother-in-law.

A:  What writing regimen do you follow?

D:  Unfortunately, I don’t really have a regimen. If I did, I would get a lot more accomplished.  The main thing I do is keep pencil and paper with me at all times, so when I have an idea, I can write it down. When I’m driving, I use a voice recorder.

A:  Are you a member of a writing group, and if so, do you find that kind of exercise helpful?

D:  Writing groups can be extremely helpful.

I participate in From Women’s Pen’s, a women writers’ cooperative. We friend each other on Facebook, follow each other on Twitter, and generally keep an eye out for marketing opportunities for each other. Our websites are linked, and we mention each other in our blog posts. We have also combined our efforts to produce a Christmas anthology titled, One Last Gift, that will be available shortly.

I also belong to another group in my hometown, and we get together regularly to write, discuss writing matters, and critique each others’ work. We also hold retreats several times a year, and that’s when we get a lot of work done. We have a solid rule – lots of writing, lots of good food, and little talking.

The main thing to remember about writing groups is that the members have to be compatible. If you’re serious about writing and the group seems to want to talk a lot, it may not be for you. Be sure to pick a group whose members want the same thing from the writing group that you do.

A:  Your female sleuth who, by the way, is hilarious, suffers from hyperosmia. What led you to take this path?

D:  We’ve always joked a lot in our family about my own heightened ability to smell. It got so bad at one point that I did what we all do when we suffer some kind of symptom – I went to the internet. That’s where I learned that hyperosmia is a real medical condition. While I treat the subject lightly in the Niki Edgar series, it’s no laughing matter to those who have the condition.

A:  Who inspired you most as an author?

D:  Even though his writings are nothing like mine, I’ve always been impressed with Charles Dickens’ ability to express himself. His talent for setting you down right smack in the middle of his scenes is true art. I also like Stephen King, even though I’m not a big sci-fi fan. What I like about him is his ability to take thoughts that we don’t dare allow ourselves to think and make us look at them head on. That’s scary.

Closer to home, my tenth grade English teacher, Mrs. Dorothy Sims, made me believe in myself and in my ability to write. Teachers can make a difference!

A:  Who do you read most for pure entertainment?

D:  I don’t really have a favorite author. I read every genre. I even like to read the pamphlets they give away at the State Fair.

A:  Bloodhound has been released as an ebook that’s available from both Amazon and Barnes&Noble. What made you decide to reject traditional publishing and go this route?

D:  Writing is a solitary endeavor, and it’s usually done by people who would rather be at home writing than out promoting books. Epublishing allows me to do my thing without being constantly in the public eye.

A:  Which do you enjoy more, writing or editing?

D:  Writing is like birthing a baby. It’s exhilarating, sometimes painful, but always rewarding. Editing is like cleaning up after the baby – not so much fun, but necessary for the overall welfare of the baby, whom you love dearly.

A:  What has been your most fulfilling experience as an author?

D:  Most of the books I’ve written have been spiritual in nature. It’s fulfilling to hear someone say that something you’ve written has made a difference in their life.

A:  Why the switch from spiritual to fiction?

D:  I wanted to write a book that would entertain people but would leave them better off than they were before they read the book. Niki has an earthy wisdom that we’ll listen to because we know she’s learned it the hard way.

A:  Bloodhound is listed as part of a series. Can you give us a sneak peek at what will be going on in future books?

D:  I can tell you that Niki will be going to Costa Rica in the near future. It’s too early to tell if she and DeWayne will ever get back together, or if she’ll wind up with Jason – or perhaps someone else! I can’t tell you more, because I don’t even know myself. I have to wait, just like you do, for Niki to inform me.

You may checkout the first two chapters of Bloodhound on the Sample Chapters page of this website.

Bloodhound (Niki Edgar Mysteries)by denise hays

Also available for Nook.

You can visit denise at .

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  1. Kelly Gamble says:

    Wonderful interview. Thank you!
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  2. Krystal Wade says:

    I love the comparison of writing/editing to a raising a child. SOOO TRUE!

    • Annie says:

      Krystal – I think denise nailed it. I know that I feel like I’m giving birth when I’m writing, especially when I write fiction. Annie

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