Size Matters

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Yes, Virginia, size really does matter, and no, before I get inundated with emails, I don’t mean THAT way!

You don’t believe me?  Then show me a young woman who would rather receive a teeny diamond than a large one from the guy who’s down on one knee asking her to marry him.  And who amongst us has not been kept from going through a green light by a tractor-trailer rig that has halted traffic in all four directions as it has made a left turn from the right lane?

You see?  I’m hearing nothing but silence!

We are told our bodies must stay small and our heads shouldn’t be big.  No one brags about climbing the steps to their house, but Mt. Everest is quite another thing!

We want bigger houses, bigger cars, and bigger credit card limits.  And yet…  There’s one kind of size that we rarely consider.

Those of you who follow this blog and me on Twitter know that a few weeks back my beloved bachelor uncle almost died.  Since his release from the hospital, he has spent his time in a rehab facility, and hopefully, he’ll be ready to return to his home soon.

In the meantime, my three sisters and I have been working feverishly as we’ve arranged long distance for Meals on Wheels when he goes home and various needed healthcare aides for his interim concerns.  If that weren’t enough, we’ve also been setting in motion the bigger plan, which is to move him here to Maryland no later than the end of October.

Decision after decision has had to be made, and even though we’ve already been through this stage of life with our parents, the going hasn’t been easy.  Thankfully, our uncle has stabilized and strengthened as he has taken in plenty of fluids, protein supplements, and overall better nutrition.  It is patently obvious, though, that he no longer needs to be on his own.  So what were we to do about him?

Various options were open – sell his house and have him buy something here in Maryland, sell his house and he would enter an assisted living facility in Indiana, sell his house and he would enter an assisted living facility here in Maryland, just to name a few.  None of us were very happy with any of the obvious alternatives for various reasons.

And then my second sister spoke up…

About a year ago, she and her husband bought a new home on a beautiful piece of property and settled in.  Everything she loved found its place, including in her closet that she has just finished having organized.  Their master bedroom was decorated to perfection, and only two months ago she had proudly showed it to us at a family gathering.

Now, though, she pointed out that her new house actually has two master suites – one on the main floor that her husband and she had just completed for themselves and one on the second floor.  Our uncle, she volunteered, could move into the one on the main floor with all of its new accoutrements, including the professionally organized closet, a working fireplace, and a main room that’s large enough to hold two 9’ X 12 ‘ carpets with hardwood showing clear around each of them.  Her husband and she would move to the similar, but not upgraded suite upstairs.

Even as the other three of us sisters let out sighs of relief and our uncle agreed, I began to worry about the burden my second sister would of necessity be taking on, even with help from the rest of us.

Yes, my uncle will be able to take care of most of his needs and cooking for three isn’t that much harder than cooking for two, but time will inevitably take its toll and more assistance will be needed.  And do I need to point out that, having just achieved her dream bedroom in her dream home for the first time in her life, my sister has now sacrificed all for another?

So, now do you understand where I’m going with this?  As my uncle would certainly say in reference to my big-hearted sister, when it comes to one’s heart, size certainly does matter.

Annie Acorn

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4 Responses to Size Matters

  1. Beth Garbe says:

    What a beautiful post! My gran was near death a few weeks ago, and we’re still discussing options now that she’s out of rehab and back home. Difficult decisions, even with big hearts. Prayers for you and your family.

    • Annie says:

      Beth – I’m glad that you were touched by the post. My uncle will go home from rehab tomorrow for a few days, and then we’ll bring him here. My prayers for you and your family as well! Annie

  2. Glynis Smy says:

    A touching post. Your sister has big heart.

    • Annie says:

      Yes, she does, and I’m pleased to report that the arrangement is working out well for all of them. Come again! Annie

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