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Without change there is no life, but change can be difficult, disruptive and heartrending – case in point the last year and the last week of my life.

A year ago, as I was walking into my den, I heard something crack and felt a sharp pain in my foot.  I hadn’t been turning, and I hadn’t been walking particularly fast.  To make a long story short, my injury was misdiagnosed, but due to the fact that I kept my foot basically immobilized, it eventually healed itself towards the end of October.  Lesson learned from the experience, once you are over fifty, you really shouldn’t walk around your home barefoot.

After one week of pain-free mobility, I started along the short hallway to my ensuite bathroom and again heard something crack.  This time the pain was excruciating as I could feel bone moving against bone.


Back before time I had been told that I had osteoarthritis, and over the years the bones in my hands as well as my feet had bent and twisted.  Even though I walked regularly for exercise, I had still been spending much of my time sitting.  The muscles, ligaments, and tendons in my feet had tightened to the point that as I had hurried along the hallway they had pulled off a bone chip causing me to twist my ankle in such a way that I had broken a second bone and incurred a very bad strain.  Doctor’s opinion?  This was probably the second time in two months for the bone chip.


Six weeks for the bones to heal, and ten months to a year for the strain to resolve itself. [ATOW Does Crutches] [ATOW Moon Walks] [ATOW Does PT]

Except for the fact that I managed to base three humorous blog posts on the experience, there wasn’t much to recommend itself during the next couple of months.  In a few short moments, my life had been changed forever.

I would do physical therapy every morning for the rest of my life to keep the muscles, ligaments, and tendons more flexible, and I was told to exchange a stationary bike for walking as a form of exercise.  Lesson learned – take care with each step and never hurry anywhere ever again.

Bones heal, and even the strain has resolved itself as was promised.  I missed my early morning walks, though.  This was the quiet time in my day – a period during which I enjoyed the nature around me and reflected on my blessings, a period during which I remembered what was important, made plans, and touched base.

When I go to the gym with my neighbor, I’m a good girl and opt for an exercise bike over a treadmill.  I have worked hard to keep everything flexible.  A few weeks ago, though, I resolved that no one could keep a good woman down, especially since the early morning hours had begun to get cooler.

One morning I couldn’t resist any longer.  With the care of an Olympic athlete, I donned my white socks and tennis shoes and walked through my front doorway, but not before I had slipped my cell phone with my neighbor’s phone number into my front pocket.  After all, she knows where the dreaded crutches are stored and will bring them to me if things should happen to go wrong.

I had promised myself I would start slowly.  I only walked around my building.  It was Heaven!

The second week I allowed myself two turns around the building.  The third week I edged outward a bit further following a sidewalk the kept me within view of my condo.  Each morning I was filled with joy as I entered the fresh air and sunshine, ever mindful of each step as I carefully placed one foot in front of the other.

I felt myself relax as I viewed nature again – up close and personal – after being absent for months.  A sense of well-being filled me as I took advantage of the quiet time to list my blessings each day, and I once again felt more in touch with God from whom comes my strength.  I was me again, and for the first time I felt healed.

The fourth week I refused to turn right at the first sidewalk, but rather continued straight ahead.  I was now out of sight of my building, and I must admit that it was a bit scary.  When your own body has broken your bones – not once but twice in a two month period – you lose a little of your trust in your own abilities.

Lesson learned – there may be a middle ground.  If I maintain the physical therapy first thing each morning and take care with each step, I may be able to reward myself with a walk, at least for a while longer.  These walks may be a little shorter than they once were, and they will certainly be somewhat slower.  But still…

At the end of the day, feeding my soul will be worth it.

Annie Acorn

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