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The Magic Sand Dollar

Summertime, children, and the beach – for some reason these three things always go together in my mind. For many years, my husband and I packed the car as soon as school was out for the year and drove through … Continue reading

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A Twig Upon The Water

As a writer, I tend to think of my life as a series of chapters, unveiling themselves in a steady progression from my birth to death. Different people loom large here and there upon the page. Some, like my parents, … Continue reading

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In The Works

I don’t know about most authors, but I usually have several projects cooking on the stove at the same time. Some require only a quick browning on both sides.  Others need a slow simmer on a back burner, so that … Continue reading

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I LOVE mysteries. What makes a flower bloom at the moment I pass by? What makes my lover’s eyes so blue? If there’s an end to the universe, what’s on the other side, and yes, did the butler do it? … Continue reading

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Words… They can mean so much or so little. A quick, “Bye, Mom.” here. “I love you.  I love you.  I love you.” whispered in your ear. Today I read a short story written by a young, talented author – … Continue reading

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Welcome to my website! Did you come in search of a long, slow visit beneath the Spanish moss draped boughs of a live oak or a trip back in time to the days following World War II?  Or do you … Continue reading

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